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Torrent Stream is an utility for streaming online video that allows you to stream entire movies from a torrent file as small as a few kilobytes, among other things.

The program is very easy to install, configure, and use. It's as easy as running it in the background, right clicking the torrent file, and, using the same menu, selecting the option to view the movie or sports event using the video player that comes integrated along with the download. It will also allow you to send the movie to the front or the back.

One of Torrent Stream's most outstanding features is that it allows you to watch sports at an optimal video quality and with overwhelming fluidity. It works very similar to Sopcast, but with the exception that Torrent Stream is much easier to configure and provides better video and audio quality.

Torrent Stream is almost a magical application that will allow you to watch movies and sports events with excellent audio and video quality, but without having to download tons of GB onto your hard drive.

Without any doubt, it can be your best partner when trying to watch football, NBA, NFL or any other sports events.
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